Have you heard of BPH?

BPH Architects is a leader in school and church planning and design, having worked on dozens of public and private school projects and over 500 church projects since we began over 35 years ago working with clients in the Northwest.

Ours is a very client-centered philosophy and we thrive on repeat clients and referrals.  And as a small and personal firm, we are organized so our principals have direct hands-on involvement on projects and will devote whatever resources necessary to make every job a success.

Although we may not be the largest architectural firm, we do have access to technology advancements that help us do our job efficiently.  We were one of the first architects to integrate AutoCAD into our production process and have continually updated our capabilities, now incorporating object-oriented elements and 3D rendering capabilities.

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Achieving Balance

Good architecture is balanced architecture.  While functionality and economics are very important, we also feel that successful church and school buildings also need to be welcoming and inviting, with an atmosphere that inspires us and encourages learning.

As a leader in church and school planning and design today, BPH Architects strives to find that balance in our projects.

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The WOW Factor

Since many of our clients are non-profit organizations (private schools and churches), fundraising is usually an important consideration.  So we have developed the technology and capabilities to generate high quality 3D computer renderings and promotional videos in house.  This is also a great tool to help communicate to staff, leaders and other stakeholders, the jurisdiction, and even the community what the building will look like very early in the process.  It also helps as a design tool to look at different options for massing, fenestration, materials, finishes, colors, etc.

We have found this technology tends to encourage people to support the project, so it can really help the project move forward smoothly.  Since we do the work in house, we can provide the service at an economical price while maintaining the quality control on the output.  Some examples of these renderings are included in this web site.  Sometimes you have to look pretty closely to tell whether it is a photograph or a rendering.

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Design with a Purpose

This is definitely not a cookie cutter approach to design.  As you can see from our past work, we treat all of our projects as unique with specific program needs, existing building and site constraints, jurisdiction requirements, etc.

As a purpose-driven design firm, we have to be familiar with current trends such as integrated state-of-the-art technology (sound systems, lighting, video projection, computer networks, etc.)  We live in a culture with high expectations of the quality of media and production and our facilities address that fact.

And we have developed a strong reputation as a creative design oriented firm and we are known for our clear communication skills.  That’s right; we actually listen to our clients, discovering who they are and what their goals are.  Our design work is a reflection of that relationship and understanding.  However, we also are able to provide guidance based on our experience with hundreds of churches and dozens of school projects.

With BPH Architects on your team we can offer wisdom to help you make the right decisions.

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Newport Presbyterian

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Newport Presbyterian, a transformative remodel of the sanctuary and foyer.  Project Summary.

Bethany Christian Assembly

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Bethany Christian Assembly, Everett.  15,000 SF classroom addition, followed by a foyer and sanctuary remodel.  Recently completed a chapel addition.  Project Summary.

Mercer Island Presbyterian

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Mercer Island Presbyterian.  Multipurpose gym / fellolwship hall addition and sanctuary remodel.  Project Summary.