The WOW Factor

Since many of our clients are non-profit organizations (private schools and churches), fundraising is usually an important consideration.  So we have developed the technology and capabilities to generate high quality 3D computer renderings and promotional videos in house.  This is also a great tool to help communicate to staff, leaders and other stakeholders, the jurisdiction, and even the community what the building will look like very early in the process.  It also helps as a design tool to look at different options for massing, fenestration, materials, finishes, colors, etc.

We have found this technology tends to encourage people to support the project, so it can really help the project move forward smoothly.  Since we do the work in house, we can provide the service at an economical price while maintaining the quality control on the output.  Some examples of these renderings are included in this web site.  Sometimes you have to look pretty closely to tell whether it is a photograph or a rendering.

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