A Road Map

When a client wants to know the highest and best use of their building and site, potential for future expansion, and possible phasing of addition and remodel projects, we recommend a long range planning and feasibility study.

In this process, we meet with the planning committee and leadership to determine the long range goals and needs.  We then develop a space program or site specific ed spec to balance the functional areas of the facility.  For example, with a church we balance the areas of worship, fellowship, Christian education, administration and parking.

We do a detailed code investigation to determine regulatory parameters, and then we look at multiple possible design options for the site plan and floor plans.  A final presentation is prepared to help the stakeholders understand the proposed long range plan and to generate enthusiasm for it.  We also provide a basic cost estimate to help in budget planning.

A long range plan can really become a sort of road map to help the client plan their growth in multiple logical, affordable steps.

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