A Place for Worship Article 1

Welcome to our newsletter series called A Place for Worship.  Through these articles, drawing on our experience with hundreds of church projects, we hope to provide a resource for churches who want to create church facilities that help support their ministry goals.

We will explore important principles of how to create excellent spaces that inspire worship, encourage community, and facilitate spiritual growth.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Article 1 – All About Balance

Article 2 – Is It Attainable

Article 3 – Kinetic Architecture

Article 4 – Alternate Venues

Article 5 – Re-turn, Re-store, Re-new

Article 6 – Elements of a Well-Designed Worship Center

Article 7 – Options for Expansion

Article 8 – Integration of Technology

Article 9 – Trends in Church Design

Article 10 – Architect Selection

Article 11 – Contractor Selection