Dream Team

Our projects are successful because we foster a team atmosphere amongst the design team, the client, and the contractor.  We have a good track record of working with a team build approach where the general contractor is selected though an interview process during the design phase to provide estimating, constructability review and value engineering input.  They can buy in to the documents before the project goes out to bid and they can give valuable input that can help keep the project on budget at a time when the input can readily be incorporated.

During construction, we encourage the client to have a negotiated contract where we work with the contractor as part of the team to keep change orders down to a minimum.  Unlike the open bid process where there can be an adversarial relationship between the design team and the contractor, in a negotiated contract process we are working as a team with a common goal:  a successful project that meets the budget, schedule, and goals of the client.  The contractor doesn’t have to be focused on finding change orders to make up for having to bid low to get the job.  Both parties are looking out for the Owner’s best interests.

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